Carpet Cleaning Company In Balmain NSW

We have served hundreds of clients in Balmain NSW for Carpet Cleaning over the years, When you need experts in the field don't hesitate to call us on 1300 793 447.

A Carpet Cleaning Company in Balmain NSW such as Clean & Clear should be able to identify the fibre of your carpets before starting any work, & the only way to do this is via a burn test of one of the fibres or a chemical test, uneducated carpet cleaners like to guess by looking or feeling the carpet, unfortunatly this simply isnt the right way.

It is very important to know the fibre we're dealling with so we can use the right products on your valuble carpets, for an ethical Carpet Cleaning Company in Balmin NSW call us on 1300 793 447 we're here to provide you with the best possible service.

Carpet Cleaning Company in Balmain NSW has been looking after many real estate agents in the Balmain area such as L J Hooker, Mcgrath and the area's leading agent Cobden & Hayson, here is what Mathew Hayson has to Say about us: 

Our company manages over 3000 landlords and tenants and all the tradespeople we employ need to be reliable, professional, trustworthy and thorough. Michael from Clean and Clear exhibits all of these qualities and is without question the best cleaner and carpet cleaner we have on our roster. We will regularly use his services to have a home sparkling before a sale and once our clients have seen him in action they will often employ him for life. I believe his best endorsement is the huge volume of repeat and referral business Michael commands.In my opinion when it comes to cleaning you want to be able to communicate the job easily and be satisfied it is in the hands of a true professional. Clean & Clear delivers a high level of service every time and that's all I expect. That's why he looks after our company, my property and many of my family & friends properties.Matthew Hayson, Cobden & Hayson Real Estate, Balmain