Cheap Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney NSW


A Cheap Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney may look wonderful at first glance with its great deals, cheap prices and professional-looking technicians. But a carpet cleaning service is a business first and foremost and is out to make a profit. Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney NSW usuallly result in poor quality and professional-looking technicians may actually have no idea what they are doing. It is estimated that only 5% of carpet cleaners are actually certified by the IICRC, imagin that, you will only find 1 in 20 carpet cleaners who actually understand the whole science behind carpet cleaning (YES THE WHOLE SCIENCE), the rest are worthless, Would you take your new 4wd or BMW to a backyard mechanic to be fixed or would you listen to what the manufacture recommends, or would you knowingly go to a dentist who has no licence to practice? you see carpet manufactures only recommend steam cleaning by an iicrc certified comapny (such as ours) . Remember how expensive your carpet was, doesn't it deserve a true professional to maintain it for you?

So how do you sift the good from the bad when it comes to choosing a quality carpet cleaning service in Sydney? Finding the answers to a few direct questions can easily help you gauge the quality of a company’s service.

Here are seven questions that you should ask any carpet cleaner before hiring them:

  • Do you guarantee your services in writing?

It’s essential that a carpet cleaning service guarantees its work in writing. A written contract will ensure they follow through on their guarantees. You don’t want them cutting any corners when it comes to cleaning your home or office.

  • Do you offer written estimates?

Most carpet cleaning services will give you a free quote or estimate on a job. Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t offer this service. You want to know exactly how much you will be spending before a job begins to avoid any unforeseen costs in the future.

  • Do you use a truck-mounted system?

A legitimate carpet cleaning service will employ the use of a truck-mounted cleaning unit. These units consist of a large tank and an attached hose. The hose is used to suck water, dirt and debris from the carpet and transport it to the tank. Anything less than a truck-mounted unit may be no more effective than a typical vacuum cleaner.

  • Are your technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)?

Certification by the IICRC is basically the equivalent of a degree in carpet cleaning. If a technician is IICRC certified, he or she has received extensive hands-on training and have been tested. If a carpet cleaning service doesn’t require their technicians to be IICRC certified, consider looking elsewhere. You'd be better off donating the cost of a untrained carpet cleaner to a worthy casue.

Remember Cheap Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney NSW are everywhere, you may get discounted flyers in your mail box, or do a google search and find prices that sound to good to be true, you see they use these low prices to get there foot in the door, once in goodluck to you and your bank account.

If your looking for a genuine true professional comapny who has been around for a long time and will be around for a long time then feel free to call us on 1800 793 477


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