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A custom-tailored, carpet maintenance program makes you look good

Let Clean & Clear the expert Office Carpet Cleaner in Sydney enhance the image of your facilities

Your carpeting not only represents a significant capital investment for your company, but also plays a major role in contributing to the overall image of your office environment. You can help maintain both the economies and overall beauty of this investment by letting the expert Office Carpet Cleaner in Sydney Clean & Clear create a custom-tailored carpet maintenance plan for you. This specialized program will reward you with years of dependable, economical service and maximize the life and appearance of your carpet.

Our carpet experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your facility to design a comprehensive maintenance program ideally suited to your specific needs. This program will preserve and maintain your carpet, producing a brighter, fresher appearance week after week, month after month and year after year. Best of all, it can be easily adjusted as your organization changes – whether you’re downsizing or launching an extensive office expansion.

Once your plan is established, our dedicated, trained personnel will provide you with years of valued service. You’ll come to recognize our employees not only by the uniforms they wear, but by their courteous, professional manner.

We offer a comprehensive approach to carpet maintenance for Office Carpet Cleaner in Sydney

Obviously, there is no one best method to clean all carpets. For optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness, our wide range of cleaning systems address the varying soiling conditions and traffic patterns in your facility.e Plan:

This is a plan for office managers and property management groups who conform to a specific administrative protocol.  You may have strict insurance requirements, want forms and contracts signed, need the space measured, and/or require us to bill you.  You may also be asking us to deal with a third party such as an on site building engineer or seperate property management group.  We will physically come out, give a written quote, and discuss the specifics of what you require.  Pricing is, of course, included in the written quote and will include adjustments related to the cost of making the bid, handling paperwork, reviewing insurance requirements, and adding an account receivable.   

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