Steam Carpet Cleaners in Marrickville NSW


Steam Carpet Cleaners are the most common method used in carpet cleaning, and is the most effective deep cleaning method. However, “steam cleaning” can be quite a misleading term since this method does not use steam.

Another term for this method is "Hot water extraction" Instead, it uses a two way process. First, a hot cleaning solution is pressure-pumped into the carpet. Then, a high-pressure vacuum immediately extracts the cleaning solution. The extracted water and dirt are then deposited into a recovery tank to be emptied afterwards into a sanitary waste system. Steam Carpet Cleaners in Marrickville NSW should't be hard to find, the trick is how you will find a competent one, you see only 5% of Steam Carpet Cleaners in Marrickville NSW are actually certifierd, which means they basiclly have a degree in Carpet Cleaning, so just imagin that 95% really don't have any formal training, hence why there is so many cheap Carpet Cleaning Company's out there, look for the IICRC logo when your looking for Steam Carpet Cleaners in Marrickville NSW


We are one of the only carpet cleaning service providers in Marrickville NSW that uses US Products portable steam cleaners aka hot water extractors. Our machines are the industry standard. Clean & Clear has been serving the area since 2004 and our experience makes the difference!


The downside of steam cleaning your carpet is that drying time is long 4 – 8 hours at most. But as your carpet dries, you will see that your carpet becomes more fresh-looking as the small soft fibers sticking up from the carpet surface rise.

It is recommended that you steam clean your carpet at least once or twice a year.

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