Thank you for calling Clean & Clear Cleaning Specialists to help you with your water damaged home.
We have 35 years combind experience in water damage restoration. We restore over 200 damaged homes every year, and we are looking forward to helping you with our knowledge and resources.
Our guess is that you're pretty stressed out right now! After all, it's not every day you have a pool in your home! You no doubt have many questions. Great! We encourage you to ask us anything. After all, it is your home, and we will do whatever we can to help you through this process.
Please review the Standard Procedures noted below. They will give you a better understanding of how we will restore your home. However, please realize that there are many variables in a water damaged dwelling, and our strategy may need to change depending on the type of damage your home has suffered.
Water damage restoration can normally be divided into three phases:
1. Immediate Action & Hazard Control.
2. Emergency Damage Containment, including emergency drying.
3. Carpet & Structural Restoration, plus contents moving, drying, & restoration. (If needed.)
The following pages will outline these phases in more detail.

Immediate Action and Hazard Control Phase
Inevitably, some of this phase falls on your shoulders because of the need for speedy action. Here are some do's and don'ts:

1. Do be very careful with electricity in your flooded home, especially if you are standing on a wet concrete floor. Conditions are perfect for a possibly fatal shock. Turn off your breakers serving the flooded areas, especially if the wiring and light fixtures are wet. If you're unsure how to do this we recommend calling a licensed electrician. (Call our office for a list of electricians that are on call 24-hours.)

2. Do watch for sagging, water filled ceilings. They can collapse and have caused serious injury in the past.

3. Do remove all of your furniture and personal belongings from affected rooms. Also be aware that a carpeted surface may appear dry, yet your furniture feet may be resting on water-soaked pad. If you can't remove an item, try to place a saucer under its feet to keep it out of the water.

4. Do remember to check for water in adjacent rooms to the source. Water easily runs under interior partitions.

5. Do turn your heat to 24 degrees and crack your windows if possible.

6. Do remove any extremely valuable "portable" possessions to a secure location. (Stamp and coin collections, jewelry, cash, etc.) We take pride in our Technician’s honesty, but you will have many different people in your home in the next few days. Play it safe!


1. Don't try to remove water damaged carpet yourself. It is very heavy and improper removal can damage it further and can cause you injury.

Do try not to panic and overdo it either physically or emotionally. If you hurt yourself it will just make a bad situation worse!

Emergency Damage Containment Phase:

In this phase we try to prevent further damage to your structure and contents. Regardless of the final disposition of your flooded carpet, the following steps need to be taken immediately:
Furniture & personal possessions: These are moved from the affected area and dried as needed. You may wish to do this yourself or we can work under your direction. If needed, we can pack, box, and label your small possessions. Your possessions may be stored elsewhere on your premises or, if you wish, we can move them to our warehouse.
Carpet, pad, and floors: Water is then extracted from the carpet, pad, and floors. During this process, we have the capability to use our truck-mounted extraction units for most losses. Only the hoses will come into your home, and the corners and woodwork in your home will be protected with corner guards.
If there is a water-soaked pad under your carpeting, occasionally it will need to be removed. In most cases, we are able to extract the water from the pad with the use of our Xtreme Extractor.
We are very proud of the fact that Clean & Clear is one of the only companies in this area to have the Xtreme Extractor allowing us to extract from the pad so completely. In most cases, there is no need to disengage your carpet from the tackless strip in order to dry it.
However, in the case of contaminated water, The law requires the removal and replacement of the carpeting, pad, and in some cases the walls and subflooring.
This will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and you can be assured that Clean & Clear's technicians have the training and education to make such assessments with you and with your insurance adjuster.

Contaminated water losses.
In the event of a contaminated water loss, Clean & Clear has the products required to make sure the entire area is contained and treated specifically for that situation.
Emergency Structural Drying.
At this stage, we will place large fans referred to in our industry as "turbo-dryers". They will be placed strategically throughout the affected area to blow a large volume of air on to the surface of your carpet to dry the carpeting, the subfloor and the drywall.
Commercial de-humidifiers will also be placed, which will further speed up drying time. It is important to note that if you are introducing adequate heat to the affected area, (23 to 26 degrees), drying time will typically be between 2 to 4 days.
During this time, our Certified Technicians will come in and monitor the home and equipment and will need to take moisture readings so they will know the exact state of the moisture in your home and when the effected areas are completely dry.
If it is determined that the growth of mold has already set in or existed previously, Clean & Clear has IICRC Certified Technicians in Mold Remediation and can take the necessary steps to remove the effected area correctly and safely.
When turbo-dryers are placed in the home, there is a large volume of airflow produced. Because of this, we place an air scrubber in the home which will remove any dust or debris that may become airborne due to the airflow within the home. When necessary, we will seal off the area of damage eliminating your exposure to these airborne particles. Again, this is assessed on a case-by-case basis by your Certified Water Damage Technician.

Carpet and Structural Restoration Phase:

This phase usually commences 3 to 4 days after the start of the job once the structure is completely dried. This will give all parties involved enough time to speak with your insurance company, if you have not already done so. Then a decision will be made on how you would like for us to proceed. We are always happy to assist you with any technical advice if requested.
Sub-floor repairs, if required. Because of the extent of our specialized training and education in water damage restoration, we are able to completely dry your home in a short amount of time so that major repairs to subflooring are usually not required. However, in a major loss or in a contaminated water loss, your subflooring may require replacement. In this situation, if Clean & Clear is not equipped to handle these repairs, we are ready to call an experienced and reputable contractor who can take care of this phase of restoration in conjunction with our restoration work. Again, if prompt action has been taken in the Damage Containment Phase this step may not be needed. This is one important reason why Clean & Clear offers 24-hour Emergency Assistance.

Carpet Cleaning and Deodorization.

Once your carpeting and structure is completely dry, we will perform our final deep-steam extraction cleaning and thoroughly disinfect the face fibers of the carpet. You should be aware that if your insurance covered your loss, they will usually also pay for cleaning of the entire affected room or area. Many times there will be a water mark left on the carpeting, and our goal, as well as your insurance company’s goal, is to return your home to a pre-loss condition.
Application of Scotchguard™ Stain Repellent Finish. If your carpet was treated with a soil resistant finish such as Scotchguard ( and most modern carpets are ) you should also have that resistant finish reapplied at the completion of your water loss restoration. Again, most insurance companies will pay for the cost of Scotchguard application in order to restore your carpet to its pre-loss condition.
Installation of new carpet and new pad. If the decision is to completely remove and replace your carpet, Clean & Clear can coordinate with several local reputable carpeting stores to facilitate this process as a completion of our restoration services.
We realize that this is a traumatic time for you. Our job, and our ultimate goal, is to reduce your stress by offering you a complete restoration package.
From the Immediate Action & Hazard Control Phase, to the Emergency Damage Containment and Emergency Drying Phase, all the way through the Carpet & Structural Restoration Phase, you can count on us to deliver you the quality service you expect.
We take a lot of pride in the hard work our technicians put in to training and education, It is our dedication to this type of quality service that has made Clean & Clear the number one cleaning and restoration company in Sydney NSW. We specialize in Restoration Services In Sydney.
Thank you again for entrusting your home and furnishings to Clean & Clear Cleaning Specialists.
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